Water Softener by Synergy Service

Nearly 85 percent of American households experience hard water problems.

What is hard water, you ask?

Hard water is the result of dissolved minerals, calcium, and magnesium, forming deposits when the water percolates through pipes or plumbing. This creates buildup and can cause a number of problems in the household, such as:

  • Soap scum in kitchen and bathroom
  • Spots on dishes
  • Yellowed clothes
  • Possible skin infections
  • Bathtub rings
  • Clogged pipes
  • Increased heating costs

Hard water causes buildup in your home’s plumbing, reducing your plumbing’s efficiency and lifespan.

This buildup also restricts the flow of water in your pipes in boilers which impairs the flow of heat. This can cost you extra money every month heating your water because of the plumbing’s inefficiency.

There are ways, however, that you can rectify your hard water problems.

The most common way to improve the softness of your water is through a water softener.

The softener works by exchanging positively charged calcium and magnesium with other minerals.

The interchanging of minerals helps to soften the water and will extend the life of your plumbing by reducing the amount of buildup that accumulates.

So how do you know if you have hard water?

If you have city or town water, you may be able to call your local water agency and ask about the water’s hardness.

You can also call Synergy and we will do our own testing for a more accurate reading. Our professionals can help you determine the hardness of your water and offer a number of water softening options.

If it turns out that you do have hard water, you have options:

  • Chemical water softeners: These can be added during laundering to remove the hard water from your laundry and eliminate yellowing or dinginess.
  • Water filters: You can add a filter to your tap to filter the hard water you are drinking. This method will only affect your drinking water and will have no impact on the other water you use.
  • Mechanical water softener: This can be done by a professional and is installed with your plumbing. It replaces calcium and magnesium with sodium to prevent limescale and increases heating efficiency.
  • Magnetic water conditions: This method is probably the most permanent solution, as it is permanently installed into your plumbing to alter the calcium so it can’t cause limescale. The water output is fit for drinking, it increases heating efficiency and has low running costs.

If you suspect you have hard water, the most efficient fix is to contact our team to install permanent water softening mechanisms.

Synergy Service of Nashville is proud to offer water softening services to ensure that your water is good for your personal use and good for your plumbing system. You can also reach us by calling (615) 577-5000.