Water Filtration System by Synergy Service

Water is a necessity of life. We drink it, we shower in it, we wash our clothes in it, we use it to cook. Without water, we wouldn’t be able to live.

Unfortunately, clean water isn’t always a given. Municipal water systems can’t control every outbreak of bacteria from entering our water systems.

Faulty pipes in our homes can create issues, as well.

So how do you guarantee that your water is clean and healthy, every time you need it?

Water filtration.

Why Water Needs Filtration

Your water can come from several sources.

Unfortunately, many water sources contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Harmful contaminants and bacteria thrive in streams, lakes and rivers. Ensuring that your water is as clean as possible is up to you.

Fortunately, a water filter can give you confidence that your water is clean and drinkable, every time.

Pesticides and Industrial Chemicals

Pesticides and other industrial chemicals can contaminate your water supply, posing health risks to you and your family.

While your water is cleaned before it is pushed through your pipes, but the cleaning process cannot remove the fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

A water filtration system can remove the microscopic trace contaminants, many of which are toxic to humans.

Microscopic Bacteria

In addition to the chemicals, water can contain dirt and other impurities. This microscopic bacteria can cause serious illnesses. A water filtration system can remove impurities from the water, and it can improve the taste.


When water is contaminated with human or animal feces, parasites can breed in the local water supply.

Some parasites are resistant to chlorine, and can make it into your water supply. Microscopic parasites can cause diarrhea, and the illness can last for longer than a month, seriously threating your health.

A whole house water filter can remove dangerous parasites from your water supply.

Mechanical Filters

Mechanical filters are used during the cleaning process, and the filters can make the water taste metallic.

The machinery is usually made from ceramic and metal. A water filtration system can eliminate the metallic taste.

Iron and Calcium

The iron and calcium in your water supply can cause the water to have an unpleasant odor.

Most water sources have trace amounts of minerals, and the minerals can discolor sinks and dishes. When calcium and iron erode pipes, the minerals can damage your plumbing system. A water filter can remove iron and calcium.


Most municipal water facilities use chlorine to treat unclean water.

Chlorine is an inexpensive chemical, and it can destroy millions of bacteria.

However, it can give water a foul odor and an unpleasant taste. Besides the odor, chlorine can create hazardous compounds when the chemical reacts with metals. A water filtration system can remove the taste and smell of chlorine from your water.

For more information on water filtration systems and how you can ensure that your water is clean and healthy, contact Synergy Service of Nashville.