Thermostat Replacement with Synergy Service

Your thermostat is a vital part of your home’s heating and cooling. When it breaks or malfunctions, you could be stuck in a home that’s too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

It’s important to know the reasons you thermostat might malfunction, as well as the steps you should take to fix the problem.

Why Thermostats Break

Thermostat replacement is inevitable after several years of use.

Like any piece of equipment, thermostats break over time. If you have a low-quality thermostat, it’s life expectancy is even shorter.

In addition to general wear and tear there are other reasons your thermostat might stop working:

  • Constant use. If you adjust your thermostat multiple times a day, you’re putting extra wear and tear on its mechanisms and parts.
  • Drastic temperature changes. If you regularly drop your thermostat by several degrees or force your system to kick on several times a day, you might be taxing your thermostat’s parts.
  • Age. If you haven’t replaced your thermostat in several years,

Best Options for a Home Thermostat

One of the newest and best options is a programmable thermostat, also known as a clock thermostat.

This type of thermostat can be set according to your preferences, and scheduling temperature changes according to your schedule.

This will allow the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature when nobody is at home and readjust when someone is scheduled to return.

Another new option is the Wi-Fi thermostat, which controls the heating and cooling levels in a home through advanced sensors.

This type of thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home remotely, through a wireless internet connection. There are also energy-saving mechanisms, to help you reduce your energy consumption and save money on your electric bills.

Rely on the Experts

A broken thermostat can seriously compromise the temperatures in your home. During the hot summer months or the cold winter months, this can be dangerous for your family.

If you’re worried about your thermostat and want to look into repairs or a replacement, it’s important to choose a company you can trust.

Synergy Service of Nashville has a large team of highly-trained HVAC experts who can provide thermostat maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.