“Honest and real. That is what comes to mind when I think of my experience with Jimmy Clonce and his team at Synergy Service. Being a first time homeowner, the amount of maintenance required can sometimes be overwhelming. I try to maintain everything I can, but some things, like HVAC, I leave to the pros. I called one of the bigger companies first when I started having HVAC problems. I never felt at ease when they would come out, and they constantly were trying to sell me something new. It seemed like they were preying on my lack of knowledge on the subject.

I decided to get a second opinion and called Synergy. Synergy came out and explained my problems in an easy-to-understand way. They offered solutions and “fixed” my problems that others said could not be done. Two years later when it came time to replace my unit, my business went to Synergy because they took care of me in my time of need. The best comparison I could come up with is this: you can take your car to the dealership for routine maintenance, but it will cost you a lot more money, and they usually try to sell you everything. Once you find an honest local mechanic, you can save tons of money on your car, and they shoot you straight. That’s what Synergy Service did for me. They were honest and helpful. That’s why I recommend them to ALL of my friends, and why I’m now a customer for life. Thank you Synergy Service, you guys are truly a breath of fresh air!”

~ Justin Styll


Fantastic company. I have used them for my 10 rental properties for several years and have always had quick and reliable service. Very trustworthy and pricing has always been competitive. I highly recommend them.

~ Andy Saul


I want to start off my saying the office staff has always been courteous, polite, and professional every time I have called. As for the service technicians, whether it was for heating, air, or plumbing (I have used all services), they were courteous, professional, and always on time. In the event they were running behind, I have always received a call from them informing me that they were running behind and gave me a new arrival time. Additionally, their prices are very competitive with other companies I have reviewed. Therefore, I will always use Synergy in the future all my heating, air and plumbing needs.

~ Melissa Murray