Faucet Repair

ServicesPhotos_0001s_0005_plumbing1Synergy Service’s plumbing services cover everything from installation to repair and all the maintenance in between. If you’re building a new bathroom or kitchen, we can advise on the best choices for fixtures and pipes to ensure your plumbing works properly at all times. We also connect the new plumbing to the current system and test everything before the job is complete.

No plumbing will remain in good condition if you don’t schedule regular maintenance. Even if you aren’t experiencing problems yet, some problems may be forming behind the walls and under your floors. Pipe corrosion, leaks, and build-up can interrupt your daily life when break down occurs. With regular inspections, these problems can be eliminated before they even begin. We’ll check for leaks, root infiltration, clogs, corroded pipes, and pressure problems from the main valve so that you won’t experience disaster.

When things do go wrong, we’ll be there right away. Whether the repairs you need are major or minor, we’ll get your plumbing fixed up and working like new in no time. Just don’t wait when you discover a problem. Signs of major issues might be slow drains, damp spots on ceilings and floors, standing water in your yard, or higher bills than usual. Even if the problem doesn’t seem too large to you, these signs could point to a disaster waiting to happen.

For all your plumbing needs, both residential and commercial, Synergy Service is the answer. We cover all jobs large and small, including:

ServicesPhotos_0001s_0004_plumbing2Leaking faucets

Even the smallest leak can cause damage to your hardware and your water bill.

Running toilets

A running toilet may not seem like a big deal until you see how much money it can cost you.

Leaking pipes in ceiling or under sinks

Catch leaking pipes quickly to avoid costly water damage later.

Tub dripping

A dripping tub can not only affect your water bill, it can also lead to wood rot and mold if it’s not found and fixed immediately.

Tub handles not working

Nothing is more frustrating than broken handles on your tub when you need a shower or bath. We’ll take care of that for you right away.

Toilets not flushing

A toilet that won’t flush could be experiencing one of several problems, from a clog in the pipes to broken equipment in the tank. Let us find and fix the issue.

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