Residential HVAC repair

ServicesPhotos_0001s_0001_heating1A home heating system is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Whether you’re installing a new heater, replacing an old one, or repairing your current system, Synergy has the experience and training to provide the very best service and equipment.

Let’s start with your furnace. We want to help you choose something that’s large enough to service your entire home, but we also like to focus on efficiency. With a more efficient heater, you can save money throughout the cold winter months. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for a few dollars, though. Sometimes that means a new furnace is the only option. Lucky for you, we have a huge selection of the best brand names, so you’ll always get what’s best for your home and your wallet.

As always, we’re here to help maintain and repair any furnace or heat pump systems you may have. Whether we install the unit or you have a pre-existing heater, we can service your heaters with the best parts. Our technicians are highly trained to locate any problems and fix them immediately. You don’t have to go without heat while waiting for someone who understands your unit.

If you have problems with the following, we’re certified and ready to help.

ServicesPhotos_0001s_0000_heating2No heat

When the heat goes out during cold winter months, you need help right away. We’re always there for you.

Air blowing cold

Cold air from your heater when it’s already cold outside just makes everyone miserable. We’ll help you find the problem and get it fixed right away.

Making noise

When your heating unit makes noises, that’s a sign that something is not quite right. Let’s get it fixed before something really bad happens to your unit.

Regular maintenance

By performing regular maintenance on your HVAC unit, Synergy Service can help you avoid the above problems and anything else that might happen.

Financing is provided with approved credit by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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