Mini Split System with Synergy Service

MiniSplit 01Mini-split systems and ductless systems are a popular alternative or supplement for traditional forced-air or central heating and cooling systems.

This popularity mostly comes from their affordability and their room-by-room temperature control capabilities. The system uses a fan-mounted indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit to cool or heat a home.

Outdoor units are smaller than traditional ones, and the system is so versatile that the temperature of every room can be set to a different level and controlled individually.

The benefits don’t stop there. Keep reading for more insight into a mini-split system could revolutionize your home’s temperature control:

Mini-Split Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a direct effect on the health of a home’s occupants.

At any time, reduced air-flow can cause air to become trapped and polluted, exposing people to a continual flow of contaminants.

Ductwork can allow and distribute contaminants like dander, dust, and other allergens throughout your home.

A ductless system offers a way to prevent this from happening.

Mini-split systems and ductless systems free you from the ductwork that creates the threat of contaminated air in your home. They can also feature allergen filtration systems to further improve your home’s air quality and reduce the number of harmful bacteria and viruses that affect your family.

Mini-Split Systems are Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient

Affordability tops the list of what makes mini-split systems and ductless systems such a great option.

Because they use 25 – 50% less energy than forced-air systems, they significantly reduce utility bills.

Additionally, mini-split systems have a high-efficiency SEER rating that goes up to as much as 24.00. They also lose less air due to their ductless architecture.

Less air escaping the home means a more efficient heating and cooling process and lower energy bills, as well.

No Ducts are Required

MiniSplit 02Ductwork may not be present in every area of a home (like room additions or add-ons) so a ductless system is a convenient way of heating and cooling those areas.

These systems use small tubes that run through an opening in a wall, allowing refrigerant to flow through lines from the inside unit to the outside condenser.

What’s more, no ducts means no air pollution. It’s also easier and more affordable to install than a forced-air unit that has ductwork.

Ductless mini-split systems are a convenient way to keep a home comfortable all year-round, and simple installation makes them affordable, too.

Unfortunately, not every HVAC technician has the right certifications and experience to install mini-split systems.

Synergy Service’s team of certified HVAC technicians are excited to stay ahead of our competition by using the latest technology and innovations available to our clients.

Find out if a mini-split system is the best fit for your home & family.

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