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ServicesPhotos_0001s_0008_lines1Some damage and breakage outside your home is your responsibility, and these repairs can be costly. We want to help you prevent these emergencies by offering maintenance for your drains and sewer lines. We can provide inspections, drain cleaning, and sewer line checks to ensure there are no cracks, root infiltration, or leaks.

When emergencies do occur, we’ll be there right away. Several different scenarios could lead to blockages, leaks, and breaks. You shouldn’t have to pay for problems that don’t exist, so we’ll make sure you know exactly what the issue is before we begin the repairs. Even better, we can make most repairs without destroying your home or yard.

Synergy Service can also help install sewer lines for new homes or expansions. This installation is so important, so don’t leave it to someone you don’t trust completely. Give us a call and we’ll help you determine what you need and how much the service will cost. You’ll get all the education you need throughout the entire process to be comfortable in the knowledge you’ve chosen the right specialists.

If you let problems go unfixed for too long, expensive damage can occur. Let us know if you’re dealing with:

ServicesPhotos_0001s_0009_lines2Sinks not draining

A sink that doesn’t drain points to problems in the pipes. We’ll help you determine where the clog is and get it cleared as soon as possible.

Tubs not draining

When your tub doesn’t drain, you could have a much bigger problem beneath the floors of your home. Don’t wait until the issue overflows into something that could damage your home.

Toilets not flushing

A severe clog could keep your toilet from flushing, or you may just have broken parts in your tank. Instead of tackling the problem on your own, let us help.

Roots in sewer line

Roots in your sewer line can back up all the pipes in your home, leading to unpleasant smells and potential water damage issues. Stop pouring drain cleaners and start dialing the phone.

Synergy Service can also install cameras to locate and check lines to determine damage and prevent further problems.

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