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Vacation is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Don’t leave your HVAC system in a lurch when you head off to paradise this summer.

So you’ve planned a summer getaway, and you’ve been looking forward to it for months. You’ve arranged for time off work, booked your flight and paid for your hotel.

All that’s left to do is get your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand…right?

Not exactly. Your home needs some attention before you leave for any length of time.

And your HVAC unit is part of that equation.

Here are a few tips for leaving your HVAC system in a good place before heading off to paradise this summer.

Consider the Length of Your Trip

If you’re only leaving for a few days, it isn’t necessary (or beneficial) to turn your AC system completely off.


The amount of energy you’ll save by leaving your system off for a few days won’t outweigh the energy you’ll use trying to get your home back to a comfortable temperature when you return.

If your trip is a week or more, you should turn your system off to capitalize on energy savings during your time away.

Even with these hard and fast rules, there are several factors that should influence your choice to leave the AC running or turn it off…regardless of how long you’ll be gone.

Consider Your Thermostat

Do you have a programmable thermostat or a traditional thermostat?

If you don’t have a programmable model, you’ll have to turn your system back on when you return from your trip…and then wait for your home to cool to a comfortable temperature.

Because Nashville temperatures can climb to an average high of 90 degrees during July and August, Nashville residents going on vacation have to consider how hot their home will actually get.

For many people, coming home to 90 degree house is not an option.

In addition to being tired and weary from travel, many of us have children, pets or elderly people in our care. For us, waiting for hours for our homes to cool is simply not feasible.

On average, a correctly-sized AC unit should cool your house 1 degree every 15-20 minutes.

If your home is especially hot when you return, you could be looking at 3-5 hours for it to cool back down.

This timeframe only increases when your house is badly-insulated or needs new windows. 

Without a programmable thermostat, you’ll have to contend with these issues when going on vacation.

If you do have a programmable thermostat, you can simply schedule your system to come back on a few hours before you’re scheduled to return home.

A programmable thermostat solves your problems, and can help you save energy and money on bills throughout the year.

Consider the Age and Condition of Your AC Unit

Another thing to consider before you flip your unit off for two weeks while you’re on vacation? The age and condition of your unit.

If your AC unit is undersized, old or behind on maintenance, you have a different set of issues to face. It’s always advisable to get maintenance on your system before leaving your home for long periods of time.

If your unit is the wrong size, it might be more pertinent to leave it running at a high setting (88 degrees, for instance) instead of turning it off altogether.

This will save your unit from the intense stress of cooling a house by 15 to 20 degrees and will also prevent you from having to wait forever for your house to cool.

Because it takes a lot of energy and stress to get your home back up to a comfortable temperature, an old or undersized unit might not be up to the task. If you’re worried about your unit breaking down upon your return, seek the advice of a Nashville AC professional.

Synergy Service of Nashville can help you find the optimal setting for your AC unit before you go on vacation. We can also help you take care of any outstanding issues affecting your unit.

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