SynergyIndoor Humidity_ Is Your AC Unit To Blame_

Oh, summers in Tennessee. A time of fireflies, Saturdays on the lake, cold sweet tea, country music festivals…and humidity that makes you want to move to the desert.

Humidity is bad. It makes things sticky and uncomfortable and can turn a great hair day into a really, really bad hair day. It can also have negative effects on your health.

So what do you need to know about increased humidity in your home and your AC unit? Let’s take a deep dive.

Your AC Unit is the Wrong Size

Many homeowners don’t realize that their AC unit is too big for the actual square footage of their homes.

When a unit is too large for a particular space, it is constantly turning off and on—much faster than a correctly-sized unit would. This means the system gets very little chance to actually regulate the humidity in the home’s rooms.

In geographic areas where humidity is especially high (Tennessee, anyone?) this lack of humidity regulation is pretty noticeable.

Similarly, if your unit is too small, it will run constantly, trying to keep the space at an adequate temperature…but never quite succeeding.

The same goes for its humidity regulation. A too-small unit won’t be able to control your home’s humidity levels the same as a unit of the correct size. Thus, you’ll wake up one day and notice that mold is growing on your ceiling…or something like that.

Your AC Unit is On the Wrong Setting

We’ve talked about the dangers of running your unit on the wrong setting before. But it bears repeating…especially when it comes to humidity regulation.

For instance, running your unit with its fan setting switched to “on” could drastically reduce its efficiency at regulating humidity. It may even make it worse.

This is because a constantly-running fan is still circulating air, even without the cooling and dehumidifying benefits of your AC system. The circulating air is carrying moisture, and if humidity is high, it’s circulating that humid air back into your home.

Make sure your fan setting is always switched to “auto,” so that the air is only circulating when the AC system is on.

Your AC Unit Is Too Old

An old AC system won’t cool your home or control humidity as well as a newer one. This is not a shocking revelation, but you’d be surprised at how many homeowners don’t realize that their units are on their last legs.

If your AC unit is 15 years old or older (and you have a home humidity problem), it might time to start saving up for a replacement. Just imagine how much better your home will feel next summer, when you don’t have to wring out your shirts before you put them on.

You’ll also save a ton on energy bills because newer units are more efficient than older ones and use less energy to cool and regulate humidity in your home. So, good news all around.

Need to get your unit examined for size, performance or old age?

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