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heating-productsThe comfort of your home during the winter depends on a number of heating products, maintenance and repairs.

Is your heating unit prepared for winter?

Home Heating Unit Repairs


One of the most commonly neglected aspects of owning a heating system is scheduling regular maintenance.

System maintenance should be performed once a year. If maintenance is neglected, your system can develop serious problems or even break down completely.

Higher energy costs and a poorly performing unit become issues when maintenance is neglected.

Belts, bearings and fan motors can all be affected from mechanical wear and tear. Air flow problems and difficulties with heating control and air flow can all be caused from faulty fan motors. These issues can be avoided with regular maintenance.


Furnace filters are also of extreme importance. A dirty filter struggles to circulate warm air throughout the air ducts. This puts unnecessary stress on your furnace. This will make it harder to achieve proper heating in your home. Often, when proper heating is not being circulated, the problem is the filter.

Replacing your filters on a regular schedule is a must. When it’s every month or every three months, (depending on your filter type) changing them regularly will help improve your system’s air quality. Spending money now on a new filter can save you thousands later. Avoid damage to your unit from a severe clog by making certain your unit has a clean filter.

Ignition Systems

In modern units, there are two types of ignition systems.

These are called hot surface ignition and intermittent pilot.

The hot surface ignition functions with the usage of a heating element. This element is electronically controlled and ignites a gas burner.

The intermittent pilot system is electronically controlled as well. This unit operates by using an electrical spark containing high voltage. This will first ignite the gas pilot, then the main burners.

Both systems will activate when the thermostat asks for heat.

When a thermostat is not working properly, the results can include no heating at all. Heated air will not circulate properly through the air ducts if the thermostat is malfunctioning.

Air Handler

Another important aspect of a heating unit is the air handler.

This is a device designed to regulate and circulate air as a part of a heating unit. Often, air handlers are large metal boxes which contain a blower, heating elements, chambers, sound attenuators and dampers.

They connect to the heating system through the ductwork ventilation. They also help distribute the warmed air throughout the building.

Again, proper maintenance is required to keep your air handler working at optimal levels.

Heat Pump

Also essential to your heating system is a heat pump.

In the simplest terms, a heat pump is a device that moves heat from one location to another. Because the heat pump is not generating heat but simply moving it, it is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than other heating options.

However, because heat pumps pull heat from the outside air to heat your home during the winter, they aren’t ideal for homes that experience harsh cold weather.

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