Garbage Install with Synergy Service

garbage-disposalYour garbage disposal is a useful, yet confusing piece of equipment. Many homeowners don’t understand how they work, how to take care of them or how to fix them when they malfunction.

Synergy Service of Nashville has been installing and repairing garbage disposals in the Nashville area for years.

So we know a thing or two about how this machinery works, and what it takes to keep yours in top shape.

What is a Garbage Disposal and How Does One Work?

A garbage disposal is an electrically-powered device that cuts food waste into small or liquified pieces, allowing it to pass through your plumbing without causing a blockage.

Food waste is a huge portion of household waste, creating environmental, energy and sanitation concerns.

Garbage disposals are effective at turning food waste into mostly water. This allows households to discard of their food waste similarly to human waste, using less energy throughout the process.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Many of the common problems that occur with garbage disposals are due to the types of food that people try to dispose of in them.

While a garbage disposal is intended to cut up food waste, there are certain types of foods that should not be placed in the unit, including:

• Rice, noodles and other foods that expand when placed in water

• Eggshells, onion and potato skins

• Animal fat, grease and oil

In many households, issues with the disposal are due to placing non-food items down the drain.

Things like paper, plastic wrap and aluminum get caught in the system and can dull the blades, making the unit less effective.

Signs of Common Problems With The Garbage Disposal

There are quite a few signs that a garbage disposal is experiencing an issue, including:

  • Unusual sounds during operation
  • Backup of water or food material in the drain
  • Unpleasant smell coming from the drain

If you’ve noticed your garbage disposal acting up, it might time to call a professional. It’s an expensive and important part of your home’s plumbing, after all.

What Should You Do if Your Garbage Disposal is Broken?

If your garbage disposal doesn’t seem to be working, don’t despair.

It may be salvageable with a new part or a fix to the wiring.

Having the unit evaluated by a professional is the only way to know for sure.

Call Synergy Service to have an expert technician take a look at your home’s garbage disposal as soon as you notice an issue with your unit.

Need a New Garbage Disposal?

If your garbage disposal is truly beyond repair, don’t worry.

Synergy Service has the technicians and the equipment to install a new one.

Our team of professionals can offer you estimates, do your installation and provide maintenance throughout the life of your garbage disposal.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.