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Furnace Repair 01Your furnace is a lifesaver during the winter months when temperatures drop below dangerous levels. Don’t wait until it’s freezing outside to schedule furnace repair or maintenance with a trusted HVAC company.

Check out these important elements to your furnace which may necessitate a need for maintenance or repairs:


Perhaps the single most important aspect of furnace maintenance is regularly changing the filter.

Air flow is crucial to the proper operation of any furnace, and clean filters make it easier for the unit to move air throughout the house or building. Clogged filters risk damaging the limit switch that controls the fan. Damage to this switch will result in improper heating of your home.

Wear and Tear

Fans and blowers are not the only moving parts in a typical furnace.

Dust, debris and worn parts can cause mechanical failure in the darkest and coldest nights.

A certified HVAC technician can locate and fix these issues before the coldest temperatures arrive.

Electric Ignition/Pilot Control Problems

A flame needs ignition to heat your home and prevent a cold room.

There are two types of ignition: electronic and pilot light.

Electrical ignition systems need inspection to ensure that each part is in working order. Fuses and relays must work as required and be replaced if needed.

During warm weather months, insects and other creepy crawly bugs end up in the pilot light tubes and interfere with the ignition.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Furnace maintenance prevents thermocouple problems, which can lead to drafty conditions when your pilot light can’t reignite the furnace.

Before the cold weather arrives, this is one of the most crucial elements to examine and replace if needed.

Heat exchanger

Furnace Repair 02Your heat exchanger serves another highly important function within your heating system.

Carbon monoxide is removed through the heat exchanger, and regular inspections for cracks in its casing prevent harmful gasses leaking into your home. A yearly routine of inspecting your entire heating and cooling system

At first glance, a typical furnace seems straightforward and easy to repair.

However, these units have many complicated parts and complex functions.

This complexity makes it absolutely vital that you entrust your system to a certified professional HVAC technician.

Synergy Service of Nashville offers a full range of heating services and will ensure that your system is in perfect working order.

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