Plumbing showerhead install

faucets-showerheads-extYour showerhead is probably one of those things you don’t think about too often.

Until you stay with a friend or spend a night in a nice hotel and experience the glory of a truly great shower. The comparisons will stay with you. And the weak, unenjoyable shower at your own house will bother you more and more.

From water pressure to the distribution of the water, a bad showerhead can have an impact on the quality of your shower and your water bill.

The same goes for your faucets.

Overtime, faucets can rust, become clogged, and generally deteriorate–causing a weak water flow, a negative impact on the environment and a rising water bill.

Luckily, there are new and improved showerheads and faucets on the market that can increase your energy efficiency and improve your shower experience.

Different Types of Showerheads:

  • Traditional or Single-Spray showerhead: Though the simplest of showerhead styles, the single-spray or traditional nozzle showerhead does come in a variety of finishes and many offer a variety of adjustments to suit different tastes. Single-spray showerheads are also more affordable than more complicated designs.
  • Rainfall Showerhead: This style of showerhead offers a wide, flat surface for water to flow through, distributing water over a larger area in your shower. This will reduce the water pressure and simulate a rainfall-like experience.
  • Handheld Showerhead: These showerheads offer more options for those with limited mobility or who need to be seated while they shower. These devices detach from the wall mount and allow you to move the nozzle around your body while your bathe.

You can also choose from single-wall mounts, top mounts, and sliding bar styles. Synergy Service can help you choose the right showerhead and the right mount style, and we’ll provide an expert install to ensure that your shower is working perfectly.

Different Types of Faucets:

If you’re in the market for a new faucet, for aesthetic or energy-saving reasons (or both!), Synergy Service can help.

Whether you’re looking for a ball faucet, a disk faucet, a double-handled faucet, or eco-friendly models with aerators to restrict water flow, we can advise you on your purchase. Then we’ll perform an expert install and provide maintenance throughout the life of your faucet.

Contact Synergy Service of Nashville today, to learn more about our selection of showerheads, faucets and extensions, and we how we can help you save money.