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Common Heating 01  When your furnace stops working, your house isn’t being properly heated, or you receive a high energy bill, you’re likely to have issues with your heating system.

Consider these common heating issues:

Ductwork Leaks

Cold spots in your home often indicate a ductwork leak.

When you have a ductwork leak, the air blowing through the ductwork that serves a particular space in your home escapes before it can reach its destination.

These leaks cause inconsistent temperatures in your home and can cause a sky-high energy bill, as well.


When your house isn't warm, the culprit could be a malfunctioning thermostat.

Dead batteries may be the culprit, or you may have your thermostat set to the incorrect specifications. Always make sure it’s set to “heat” and the fan is set to “auto.”

If that doesn’t kick-start start the furnace, consider turning the temperature up four to five degrees. Thermostats do fail, and your certified HVAC contractor will be able to run tests to find the issue or provide a replacement for a thermostat that is broken.

Safety Switches

If your thermostat is in working order, but your fan still won’t turn on, you could have a problem with the safety switches inside the furnace.

Gas and oil furnaces have low and high temperature switches that control when the system runs.

The low temperature switch won’t activate until the heat radiating from the heat exchanger reaches a specific temperature, and the high temperature switch will shut the system off if furnace gets too high.

Your HVAC technician can test the switches and replace if necessary.

Maintenance Issues

The first thing to check when your HVAC fan isn't blowing is the condition of your system’s air filter.

If your filter is overly dirty, the furnace won’t run properly because there’s inadequate air flow through your unit. It also causes a high limit temperature switch, which shuts the system off.

Infrequent filter changes contribute to a high energy bill and premature system failure.

Blower motor failure is another reason the fan isn’t blowing.

Common Heating 02Eventually these motors will fail, especially if they haven’t been maintained properly.

Some need oiling, and the outside housing should be dust-free for cooler operation. Some furnaces use belts to turn the fan blades, and if the motor appears to be fine, the belt may have broken.

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