Plumbing Supplies


Installing and maintaining commercial plumbing is a complex undertaking that requires professional attention. The systems in your facility require durability and function far beyond the needs of a residential setting. You should have a plumber you can count on who you can call at the push of a button 24 7.


When you work with the Synergy Service team, our experienced plumbing technician will diagnose issues with your commercial plumbing systems and make prompt repairs to avoid interrupting your daily operations. You’ll understand why our plumbing company has such an outstanding reputation among Nashville entrepreneurs.

Commercial Plumbing Services

As with any commercial equipment you install, your plumbing needs regular professional maintenance to keep working as expected. You can’t afford to go through a plumbing emergency when you have a business to run. Let us inspect your commercial plumbing system regularly to avoid the need for major repairs


Our key commercial plumbing services include diagnosis and repair of the following issues:


  • Leaking faucets: Maintaining a commercial building is expensive enough without adding to your water bill. Those little drips can add up to a significant cost for both your company and the environment. Also, leaks within the drywall and elsewhere in your structure can cause mold to grow unabated, causing damage and compromising the quality of the indoor air your employees and customers breathe. 
  • Running toilets: Because commercial buildings have so many toilets to maintain, you might put off fixing this issue. Like leaking faucets, running toilets cause your business money and wastewater. Our plumbers can fix this problem promptly to improve efficiency.
  • Leaking pipes in-ceiling or under sinks: Leaking pipes in a commercial building are often hard to find. Call right away if you suspect there are issues with your building’s water system that you cannot detect.
  • Broken water heaters: While a broken water heater in a commercial building may seem like a minor annoyance, you could actually experience severe flooding and water damage. Repair small issues with your water heater to prevent breakdown, business interruption, and the resulting loss of income.
  • Damaged water line: The most expensive and potentially catastrophic commercial plumbing problem you could face is a damaged water line. Never put off seeking professional repairs if you notice wet spots within your facility, the sound of running water, mold or mildew, a sky-high water bill, low water pressure, or water that looks rusty or dirty or has a foul smell.
  • Toilet and drain clogs: When the pipes become obstructed, a sewage backup can result in a serious mess that can quickly become a costly public health issue. Our team can clear your plumbing system and upgrade the pipes at locations that are prone to clogs. 

Emergency Plumbing Services

If the need for emergency service does arise, Synergy Service will be there as quickly as possible. It’s our job to help you keep your day running smoothly. Reach out to our plumbing professionals for 24 7 emergency services whenever a serious issue at your location threatens your operations and your livelihood. Call 615-577-5000 for immediate assistance from our plumbers at all hours.


If you’re renovating your commercial plumbing or outfitting a new space, we’ll help you choose the best commercial parts, from pipes and tanks to toilets and sinks. We can upgrade your location with energy-efficient fixtures and equipment from all major manufacturers, putting your plumbing problems in the past, maintaining a clean and healthy water supply, and keeping your customers happy.

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Synergy Service of Nashville can help you find and resolve your building’s plumbing issues. Our contractors are your trusted source of comprehensive commercial plumbing services, from routine maintenance like drain cleaning to leak detection and installation services for new pipes and systems. Contact us today to learn more about our services and join the ranks of our many satisfied plumbing customers in the metro area.