Commercial Plumbing: 3 Things that Are BOUND to Go Wrong

So you have an office building.

You have tenants, patrons, and businesses using your space constantly.

There are multiple toilets, showers, sinks and drains. You have pipes, several water heaters, and lots of opportunity for things to go wrong.

Commercial plumbing exists on a larger scale. It also has to serve multiple people—far more than a single’s home plumbing does.

This increases the risk of issues.

There’s simply no way to avoid the occasional problem with your commercial space’s plumbing.

But there are answers…to each of these common (unavoidable) commercial plumbing problems.

Let’s get into it.

Clogs (The Plumbing Issue, Not the Shoe)

In a commercial space, more people are using the toilets and sinks.

Not all of those people will have respect for those toilets and sinks.  

They might flush things they shouldn’t.

They might let things go down the sink that shouldn’t.

It just an office, so what do they care, right?

Unfortunately for you, the building owner, that errant flush might cause some serious issues with your plumbing.

Namely, stubborn clogs.

Even with higher-end, pressure-assisted toilets, clogs can become a problem from time to time.

Of course, you can put signs up in your bathrooms asking tenants and patrons not to flush unflushable materials.

It’s also important to be vigilant about maintenance and service of your plumbing fixtures.

Find a company you trust, and keep them on speed dial.  

If you’re constantly experiencing stubborn clogs, you might have a waste management issue that needs to be addressed by a team of professionals.

Water Heater Woes

Water heaters, especially those in commercial spaces, are under a lot of stress.

Constant use, lack of maintenance and sediment build-up can cause these machines to go belly up in record time.

For restaurants, gyms, hotels, salons and other businesses that frequently need hot water, a malfunctioning water heater is simply not acceptable.

If the building’s water heater is too small, you won’t have adequate hot water. If it’s too large, you’ll be paying excessively each month for capacity you don’t use.

If you notice your commercial space having regular issues with its water heaters, you might need to have them inspected for size. If they aren’t large enough to meet your building’s demands, it’s time to upgrade.

It’s also concerning if your hot water heater is older than 10 years old. This could signal increasing problems and eventually, a total shutdown of the water heater’s function.

Leaks, Leaks and More Leaks

When you have multiple toilets, sinks, drains, faucets, and showers in your commercial space, keeping up with each leak is almost impossible.

That’s why many of them go unnoticed—until they flood an entire room, and your building needs to be shutdown for expensive repairs.

Don’t do this to yourself.

Invest in regular maintenance with a company you can trust.

And take the time to investigate your plumbing regularly.

Synergy Service: Your Commercial Plumbing Experts

You own a commercial building—you have plenty to think about.

So why not leave the plumbing to the professionals?

Synergy Service is here to give you peace of mind when it comes to your commercial space’s various plumbing needs.

If you have a clog, we can find it and fix it. If you have a leak, we’ll take care of it.

And if you need extensive pipe repairs or replacements, we can help you.

If you’re tired of losing sleep over a new plumbing problem every week, contact Synergy Service.

We’re here to help you.