Commercial HVAC Unit

ServicesPhotos_0000s_0003_CommercialInstall1Because we use the very best brands for commercial HVAC installation, you can rest easy that your new units will work as promised. The equipment we install depends on the size and scope of the buildings involved.

You may need nothing more than simple HVAC units in larger sizes. For bigger projects, chillers, cooling towers, and pumps may be necessary. We will never suggest more than you need, and we’ll never install a system that simply can’t get the job done.

We can install HVAC systems that cooperate with your current units, or we can replace the entire system. Whichever you choose, Synergy Service will make sure that all parts and pieces of equipment are working properly before we consider the job done. Don’t hesitate to ask if your current HVAC unit needs upgraded and updated equipment.


Free Estimates

We’ll determine the size and scope of the HVAC unit you need and provide a quote to help you in your decision-making process.

ServicesPhotos_0000s_0002_commercialInstall2Air Conditioner Installations

Air conditioning is a must during Tennessee summers, and we provide some of the best brands available. Your commercial space will stay comfortable all year long.

Furnace Installations

Furnace installation may be the right choice for your heating needs. If you’re planning heating and air solutions for a commercial space, let us help you choose the right unit.

Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are some of the most efficient climate control systems available, especially for larger commercial spaces.

Package Unit Installations

To cover all your heating and air needs for your commercial space, consider package unit installations.

Duct Repairs and Installation

Whether you’re repairing current ductwork or installing new ducts in a new or existing building, we can help.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Indoor air quality can be attained and maintained with the right heating and cooling units, ducts, and filters. Give us a call to install or upgrade your air quality products today.


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