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faucets-1Your faucets are an important, albeit often forgotten, part of your commercial building’s plumbing.

They can help reduce your water usage, provide an aesthetic touch to your space, and make different parts of production or productivity easier.

Unfortunately, not all styles or models of faucets are created equally. In commercial spaces, your faucets need to be high-performing, especially in culinary settings.

And once your faucet gets old or rusted, you can experience some serious setbacks from faucet malfunction.

Finding a Faucet

There are several styles of faucets for every sink in your building, to meet a variety of needs.

There are pull-out faucets, which allow flexible usage from multiple angles. There are also pull-down faucets that offer more flexibility than a standard fixed model.

There are industrial-style faucets that are perfect for high-volume kitchens or places where a large number of dishes are washed daily.

You can even get a touch-activated faucet—gone are the days of getting food or cooking materials on your faucet handles when you need to run the water during meal preparation.

What many business owners are concerned about, however, is eco-friendliness and cost.

Faucets of the past were notorious for wasting gallons of water with every hand wash and dish cleaning.

New models of faucets are stepping up to the plate with eco-friendly design and performance.

Faucets with aerators reduce the amount of water you use per minute, without sacrificing pressure or performance.

Choosing an eco-friendly faucet with an aerator can help save you money on your company water bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re interested in updating your commercial space or office building’s faucets, Synergy Pro of Nashville is your local expert.

Not only can we advise you on faucet models and style to suit your budget and needs, but we can also provide the expert installation you need to start saving money on your water bills.

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