Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Heating System Repair

Picture this:  You wake up, hours earlier than usual.  The tip of your nose is so cold, it’s tingly.  Confused, you grab your fluffiest robe, find your slippers, and plod down the hall to the thermostat.  The temperature reads 55 degrees. 55 degrees?!  What’s going on here?  If this has never happened to you, count … Continued

Why Upgrade to a New Gas Furnace

Whether you already have a gas furnace for your household heating needs or a system powered by another source, upgrading to a new high efficiency gas furnace can offer many benefits to both your comfort and your pocketbook. Why a Gas Furnace? A new high efficient gas furnace can save you noticeable amounts in monthly … Continued

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Preventative maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician every spring and fall is the best way to not only keep your home’s heating and cooling systems running and functioning properly, but also to prolong the life of your total system and see big savings on your annual energy bills. Here is a partial checklist of items, … Continued

It’s Never Too Early to Plan Ahead for HVAC Service

Step outside right now and you can feel the wrath of the sun upon your skin. Taking even a few short steps to the mailbox can send your sweat glands into overdrive. Unfortunately for most, rising annual temperatures will only ensure that air conditioning will never go out of style. Thankfully, though, cooler weather is … Continued

HVAC Systems Need Love During Remodels, Too

Remodeling your home is a hectic and exciting time. While you’re planning on where those new walls might go, which old ones have to go, and where the new and old furniture might be placed, don’t forget about your HVAC system. Not only might your fresh new plans require a relocation of vents and ducts, … Continued

Is Your Heating Ready for Fall in Tennessee?

Maybe September seems a little too soon to worry about your heating, especially since you’re still using your air conditioner at full blast. As the days get shorter and nights get cooler, you’ll start considering the use of that heating more and more. Before those days arrive, it’s important to consider a few things. Check … Continued

4 Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Fall

With the end of August finally here, it’s not too soon to think about fall weather. Autumn brings with it a lot of uncertainty, especially regarding the weather we’ll face. One day could be as warm as the summer, and the next could bring freezing temperatures. It’s important to make sure your house is ready … Continued