Oh, summers in Tennessee. A time of fireflies, Saturdays on the lake, cold sweet tea, country music festivals…and humidity that makes you want to move to the desert. Humidity is bad. It makes things sticky and uncomfortable and can turn a great hair day into a really, really bad hair day. It can also have … Continued


Vacation is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Don’t leave your HVAC system in a lurch when you head off to paradise this summer. So you’ve planned a summer getaway, and you’ve been looking forward to it for months. You’ve arranged for time off work, booked your flight and paid for your … Continued

What’s the “Right” Setting for Your AC Thermostat During Summer?

Today, we’ll explore the supposed “correct” setting for AC units during summertime. We’ll also explore how to avoid breaking the bank to cool your home. Everyone wants to come home to a cool, comfortable house after a long summer day. Our AC units are our saviors after yardwork, picnics and outside games with the kids. … Continued

4 Tips for Choosing a Reliable AC Repair Company

It’s summer. It’s hot. Everyone in Tennessee knows this. Heat-related illness and even death are threats during the hot months of the year, and these threats get even higher if your AC breaks down unexpectedly. Unfortunately, fixing a complex unit like your HVAC can cost money, and you don’t want to spend money with a … Continued

Check Out These Impressive Ways That AC Can Help Your Health

It’s summertime, which means we’re all sweating and battling the legendary Tennessee humidity. This is the time of year when we are most thankful for air conditioning, or AC, as it is lovingly called. AC keeps your home cool, and provides you with relief from the blazing sun. What you might not know, however, is … Continued

What Should You Expect From a Visit From Your Nashville Plumber?

Finding a reputable plumber to perform repairs on your toilet, pipes, drains, and sinks can be tough. There are a lot of glorified handymans who don’t have trustworthy training to back up their slick claims—and their “repairs” can leave your plumbing in worse shape than before you called them. You work hard for your money, … Continued

4 Signs That You Need AC Services ASAP

Summertime in the South can be challenging. The heat and humidity can do more than just make you miserable—they can be also dangerous to your health. With an average high of almost 90 degrees in July and August, middle Tennessee is no place for a broken air conditioner, especially if you have children or elderly … Continued

Before Air Conditioning: How Did We Stay Cool before AC

In America today, air conditioning is often taken for granted. We assume that the businesses we frequent and the homes we live in will be cool and comfortable, every day. In America, air conditioning is taken for granted. But it wasn’t always that way. Especially in the South, where heat and humidity can be life-threatening, … Continued

Commercial Plumbing: 3 Things that Are BOUND to Go Wrong

So you have an office building. You have tenants, patrons, and businesses using your space constantly. There are multiple toilets, showers, sinks and drains. You have pipes, several water heaters, and lots of opportunity for things to go wrong. Commercial plumbing exists on a larger scale. It also has to serve multiple people—far more than … Continued