4 Signs That You Need AC Services ASAP

Summertime in the South can be challenging. The heat and humidity can do more than just make you miserable—they can be also dangerous to your health. With an average high of almost 90 degrees in July and August, middle Tennessee is no place for a broken air conditioner, especially if you have children or elderly … Continued

Before Air Conditioning: How Did We Stay Cool before AC

In America today, air conditioning is often taken for granted. We assume that the businesses we frequent and the homes we live in will be cool and comfortable, every day. In America, air conditioning is taken for granted. But it wasn’t always that way. Especially in the South, where heat and humidity can be life-threatening, … Continued

Commercial Plumbing: 3 Things that Are BOUND to Go Wrong

So you have an office building. You have tenants, patrons, and businesses using your space constantly. There are multiple toilets, showers, sinks and drains. You have pipes, several water heaters, and lots of opportunity for things to go wrong. Commercial plumbing exists on a larger scale. It also has to serve multiple people—far more than … Continued

The Health Dangers Created By Faulty Plumbing

Is your health in danger and you don’t even know it? If you have problematic plumbing in your house, the answer might be “yes.” You may think a leaky pipe or seeping sewage gas are no big deal—just DIY a quick fix and be on your way, right? Not exactly. Leaks, gases, and unsanitary conditions … Continued

Why Should You Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

So you’ve got a bad clog in your bathroom sink. You’ve tried natural drain cleaners, but water still pools and sits every time you brush your teeth. It’s gross, and you’re tired of it. So what do you do? Well, if you’re like most people, you head to the supermarket and you pick up a … Continued

Plumbing 101: How Long Do Common Plumbing Fixtures Last

Plumbing 101: How Long Do Common Plumbing Fixtures Last? Let’s get real about something: no matter how savvy you become with Do-It-Yourself plumbing tutorials, you can’t make a faucet last longer than it’s supposed it. You’ll never be able to duct-tape your way to a toilet that lasts 50 years. All the super glue in … Continued

Who Invented Air Conditioning? (And How Did It Change America?)

Air conditioning—that all-important thing that makes the Tennessee summers bearable. Many of us take air conditioning for granted. But did you know that not that long ago, air conditioning was only for the very wealthy? Primitive air conditioning systems in the early 20th century costed between $10,000 and $50,000 (that’s around $120,000 in today’s money). … Continued

Springtime Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner? Yes, You Need It.

It’s April, which means hot weather is right around the corner (we’ve probably already had a day in the 80s, let’s be honest).   Many homeowners don’t switch on the air conditioner until the first 90 degree day arrives. For others, Tennessee is already too hot in the late spring—by summer, their HVAC has been … Continued

Terrible Sounds Your HVAC Unit Should NEVER Make

Your HVAC should be a seamless part of your home’s environment. It should regulate the temperature, and circulate clean air into your rooms. It shouldn’t sound like a something out of a horror film. But how do you know which sounds are normal and which signal an impending explosion (or need for repairs)? Have no … Continued