Losing Hot Water? Check Your Water Heater!

  Beep, beep, beep.  It’s 6:30 A.M., and your alarm is ringing.  Time to get up, you think, as you blearily rise out of bed and head toward the bathroom.  At least a nice, hot shower will get me going!   You were right—that shower feels great!  You’re just about to rinse the shampoo out of … Continued

When Did You Last Inspect Your HVAC System?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve got a busy schedule. You work all day, then run to the grocery store. Whoops, now you’re late for Jamie’s soccer game…it’s exhausting, and there’s always so much to do! One thing that’s easy to forget while we’re managing our hectic lives is annual HVAC maintenance. An all-but-invisible … Continued

Heat Pumps For Your Home

  Winter will soon be here in Middle Tennessee and along with it, home heating bills.  If you’re like most of us, your home is heated by a furnace.  There are other home heating options, however.  One of the most efficient ways to heat (and cool!) your home is by using a heat pump.   How, … Continued

HVAC Do’s and Dont’s for Winter

We all want to maximize the savings on our monthly heating and cooling bills.  As a homeowner, it’s important to learn the right things to do around your home that will lead to reduced energy consumption.  Here are some do’s and dont’s you should follow to help get your HVAC system running at peak energy … Continued

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Plumbing

You’re a business owner.  Your building needs plumbing facilities for your employees, your customers, and yourself.  When there’s an issue, or your need building’s facilities need an upgrade, you might think calling the plumber you call for a consultation at home is the best solution.  Not so!  A commercial plumber is the way to go. … Continued


It’s September, and the air here in Middle Tennessee is just starting to take on an autumn chill.  Before we know it, the temperature will drop, and winter will be here.  Now’s the time to make sure your heating system is in optimal working order for the cold months ahead. Here are some important steps … Continued

Smart Tips to Cut Home Heating Costs

Winter is around the corner, and with it, heating costs.  It’s just a fact of life here in Middle Tennessee.  Instead of stressing about the high cost of your heating bills this year, why not get one step ahead?  With a little preventative maintenance, you won’t have to pay big bucks to stay warm and … Continued

9 DIY HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance Tips

It might still feel like summertime here in Nashville, but September 22nd marks the first day of autumn.  You already know you should have your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems professionally inspected before the chilly winter months ahead bring costly problems your way.  You can go one step further in your home maintenance with these … Continued

Septic Tanks: What You Need to Know

While many homes in Nashville are hooked to the city sewer system, there are some which have septic systems instead.  The EPA estimates septic systems, or on-site wastewater treatment systems, are used by 1/4 of the American population.  Septic systems give homeowners the benefit of skipping a monthly sewer bill.  With proper maintenance and a … Continued

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Heating System Repair

Picture this:  You wake up, hours earlier than usual.  The tip of your nose is so cold, it’s tingly.  Confused, you grab your fluffiest robe, find your slippers, and plod down the hall to the thermostat.  The temperature reads 55 degrees. 55 degrees?!  What’s going on here?  If this has never happened to you, count … Continued