Commercial Air Handlers with Synergy Service

air-handlersWhat are air handlers?

Air handlers are precisely what their name implies: they handle airflow.

An air handler is a crucial part of HVAC systems, and are found in both homes and industrial facilities. They are often referred to as “blowers” that push air through vents and ductwork.

The size of an air handler depends on the size of the actual air stream that will be managed by the air handler.

What Does an Air Handling Unit AHU Look Like?

It is pretty easy to identify an air handling unit (AHU).

An AHU is a station in which an HVAC system is located. It resembles the shape of a box and has insulating panels.

AHUs are generally constructed of galvanized steel or aluminum. The insulation is created from fibers or stone derived from minerals to ensure correct insulating density.

The main components include:

  • Heating/Cooling Coils
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Dampers
  • Mist eliminators
  • Attenuators

Other components of an AHU depend on the size of the area to be heated or cooled by the HVAC system.

It is best to seek the services of a professional HVAC expert to determine the actual size required for adequate heating or air conditioning.

How AHUs Work

The basic operation of an air handling unit is to take air into the HVAC system through an intake vent, filter it and then push clean heat or air conditioning through ductwork.

Then, the filtered air is released through output vents connected to ductwork. When an AHU is properly maintained, it offers the highest quality indoor air.

Common Problems with Air Handlers

When ductwork begins to build up residue (such as dust), air handlers decrease their efficiency.

The first thing to consider is whether HVAC filters are compatible with the system, in terms of the ability to contain dust and dirt.

Dust and dirt lead to big problems with other components of the AHU, such as the evaporator coil.

When AHUs are clogged with debris, the blower motor operates less efficiently and begins to wear out more quickly. This results in less production of clean, heated or cooled indoor air and may eventually cause the blower motor to fail.

How to Identify Common AHU Problems

The basic requirement for an HVAC system is to provide comfortable indoor air temperatures and air quality. It is fairly easy to identify the most common AHU problems.

The thermostat on the system may be set for a specific temperature, but indoor air is either too hot or too cool and air through ductwork is minimal.

Synergy Pro of Nashville can provide expertise for all of your HVAC needs, including AHU assessment and installation. We can also provide maintenance to ensure heat and air conditioning maintain manufacturer’s efficiency ratings.

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