Heat Pump services and replacement with Synergy Service

Your heat pump is a vital part of your home’s comfort, but many homeowners don’t understand how their’s works.

A heat pump has a combination of an air conditioning system and heating system wrapped into one functioning unit. The unit utilizes both an evaporation process and a condensation process to effectively maintain the heating and cooling of a residential or commercial structure.

Heat pumps are often preferred because they offer both heating and cooling systems, in one unit.

They are also more efficient than even the highest-performing AC units or furnaces.

Types of Heat Pumps

A geothermal heat pump system utilizes water or underground heat pipes to regulate your home or business’s temperature.

A geothermal pump, both ground-source and water-source types, carry a higher installation price, but in the long run do not require a great deal of maintenance.

Geothermal heat pumps are also more efficient because they do not burn fossil fuels to regulate temperature. It is estimated that geothermal heat pumps are 30-60% more efficient that traditional heating and cooling methods.

An air-to-air source pump does not carry a high installation price and can work effectively in both cold and hot environmental temperatures.

It’s the most common type of heat pump, due to its affordability and ability to increase your energy efficiency by 50% when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Water-source heat pumps have the same installation costs as geothermal pumps, but also offer low maintenance costs and increased efficiency.

Synergy Service of Nashville offers an array of heat pump services, including repair, replacement and maintenance. Our team will ensure that your chosen unit have a HSPF(Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rating, an EER(Energy Efficiency Rating) and a sound factor rating.

Synergy Service can assist you in finding the right heat pump for your needs and budget and provide the maintenance and repairs you need to keep it functioning perfectly for years.

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