AC repair and inspection with Synergy Service

AC Repair 01

It gets hot in Tennessee during the summer. Add in the humidity, and you’ve got a recipe for a stressed air conditioning unit.

Having an AC breakdown in the middle of a heatwave is a nightmare. Finding a company to do quality repairs within a short time frame can be even worse.

Whether it’s time for an expensive repair, a replacement part, or just general maintenance, Synergy Service of Nashville, Tennessee, has the expertise and the tools to take care of you.


It’s important to schedule regular maintenance on your air conditioning system.

Whether it’s a simple routine check-up or a small ac repair, regular maintenance can ensure that small issues are taken care of before they threaten the lifespan of your unit.

Failing Components

There are many culprits for component failure in your AC unit.

Brush, leaves, or other debris can get caught in the fan blades, causing malfunction.

Too much refrigerant can also cause component failure. Excess levels of refrigerant will build up in your compressor, creating subcooling and eventually, irreversible damage.

If you’ve hired an inexperienced technician in the past, he or she may have added too much refrigerant to your unit and created a serious threat to your compressor (the most expensive part of your unit). That’s why it’s important to find a trained, professional technician when it’s time for your air conditioner to be repaired.

AC Repair 02Condensation

Another common cause of component failure with your AC unit is condensation build-up.

Most of the time, condensation is a normal aspect of a functioning unit. But if the condensation builds up in your unit, it can cause the protective rubber insulating your unit’s wires to dissolve. It can also cause your unit to function inefficiently.

If you have a newer unit, excess condensation could be the result of improper installation.

Broken Thermostat

When your thermostat fails, your AC unit will not function properly.

Sometimes a dead battery is to blame. Other times, malfunctioning fuses, dirt build-up or loose wiring are the issue.

Sometimes, a thermostat is just too old and needs to be replaced.

If this is the case, it’s important to find a certified professional to perform the installation.

Synergy Service of Nashville is proud to offer professional maintenance, repair and replacement on your thermostat.