4 Signs That You Need AC Services ASAP

Summertime in the South can be challenging. The heat and humidity can do more than just make you miserable—they can be also dangerous to your health.

With an average high of almost 90 degrees in July and August, middle Tennessee is no place for a broken air conditioner, especially if you have children or elderly relatives living in your home.

As the hottest time of the year gets going, it’s important to be aware of the signs of a broken AC system.

To help you prepare for the triple digit days ahead, Synergy Service has compiled a list of signs that you need AC services immediately.

Sign #1: Weak Air Flow

If your AC is blowing efficiently, it should generate considerable airflow. Weak airflow not only causes your home to be hotter than you’d like, it also signifies problems with your AC unit.

If you’ve noticed your vents producing less-than-satisfactory airflow, you could have one of a few problems:

  •         Dirty air filter
  •         Blocked vent
  •         Air duct kink
  •         Dirty evaporator coil
  •         Blower malfunctions

Changing your air filter is easy enough—simply remove the dirty one and replace it with a new one. As for the other issues on our list, they’re a little more challenging and require specialized AC services to remedy.  

If your low air flow issue persists, even with a fresh filter, you could have a more serious problem on your hands.  

When this happens, it’s time to call your local AC repair company for help.

Sign #2: Air That Isn’t Cool Enough

The purpose of your air conditioner is to remove the warm air from your home and circulate cooler air back in.

If the air that’s being pushed into your home through your HVAC vents isn’t cool enough (no matter where you’ve set the thermostat), your system could be low on refrigerant.

Check your unit’s refrigerant line for frost or ice.

If you see frost or ice, it’s imperative that your turn off your AC unit and switch your fan to “on”. If you don’t do this, you could cause damage to your unit’s compressor—which could cost you a lot of money to replace.

Adding the refrigerant yourself is not advisable. If you have a leak, the refrigerant will simply seep out again, and you could continue running your system while it’s at risk. You also don’t want to add too much or too little refrigerant–you could make the problem worse.

A professional HVAC repair team can find the leak, add the proper refrigerant levels and ensure that your unit is back in working order.

Another reason your AC unit may be blowing warm air is a frozen evaporator coil.

For those in hot climates, the temptation to set the thermostat to 65 on a triple-digit day is understandable. But the excess condensation and stress it puts on your unit can cause your evaporator coil to freeze.

A programmable thermostat will help you avoid running your AC at extremely low temperatures around the clock. You can set your thermostat to raise your home’s temperature a few degrees while you’re at work, and then lower to a more comfortable setting when you’re at home. This will help give your unit a break and prevent costly malfunctions.

You’ll need a professional AC technician to perform repairs on your frozen evaporator coil if it continues to freeze after making these adjustments.

Sign #3: What’s That Smell?

If you turn your AC unit on and your house  is suddenly filled with bad smells, you could have a problem on your hands.

Many homeowners complain of smelling mildew while their unit is running; this could signal a dirty filter that needs to be changed.

It could also signal mold growth in and around your unit or ducts.

If changing your air filter doesn’t fix the issue, you’ll need to call a professional AC technician to do a full inspection and make repairs.

Another smell that should worry you? Stinky feet.

If your unit is producing a smell that is eerily similar to someone’s feet after a workout, you need to seek professional AC services. This smell could mean your unit isn’t draining properly—which could signal an issue with your condensate drain.

Sign #4: Strange Noises

Your AC unit should never make a high-pitched hissing or screeching sound. If you hear one, you probably have an issue with your compressor and should seek professional AC services immediately.

Banging or clanging isn’t normal, either.

This could signify an issue with a part coming loose in your unit. Loose parts are dangerous, as they can move around and hit other important parts, causing more issues and necessary repairs.

Worried About Your Unit? Synergy Service Is Here to Help

Whether you’re hearing weird noises, smell strange smells, or just can’t stand your too-hot house anymore, Synergy Service of Nashville is here to help.

Our technicians are the best in the business—they’ll get your unit back in top shape so you can enjoy a cool, peaceful home again.

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